B&B GESTÃO EMPRESARIAL E CONTÁBIL, an Outsourcing Services Company that, supported by the expertise of its partners, associates, employees and associate consultants, is qualified to support its clients, in the areas Accounting, Fiscal, Human Resources and Financial Outsourcing.

Developing projects on a personalized way, shared with the top management of the company, B&B GESTÃO EMPRESARIAL E CONTÁBIL offers more extensive and creative services than the traditional functions of Outsourcing consultants.

Specialized in meeting the demands of both Brazilian and International companies, B&B GESTÃO EMPRESARIAL E CONTÁBIL CONTÁBIL offers the necessary expertise and resources for Financial, Tax, Accounting and Human Resources.

B&B GESTÃO EMPRESARIAL E CONTÁBIL focuses providing seamless services in the administrative and financial segments, including accounting, corporate and sales taxes, pay roll, invoices, accounts payable and receivable, financial and managing reports.

B&B GESTÃO EMPRESARIAL E CONTÁBIL is part of ABACUS WORLDWIDE, a progressive international association of independent accounting, consulting and legal firms.

Through this membership B&B GESTÃO EMPRESARIAL E CONTÁBIL strongly enhances its ability to provide assistance, referrals and increased knowledge to clients with international business needs. In addition, clients of the firm will benefit directly from the relationships and resources that are exchanged between member firms of Abacus Worldwide.